Pantyhose – a tight fitting hose which mostly covers the waist, legs and feet.

Pantyhose are mostly made of nylon, which is an elastic and expandable textile. Depending on its density, its mostly transparent so that you can see the skin with the color of the pantyhose overlayed. Because of its very tight fitting, and its shiny effect, womans legs seem to be more uniform. The leg look clean, the skind faultless – because of the nylon-color and texture and often much longer. These are the main pros for any woman to wear them. Footfetishists often love them on womens legs and feet too.

They appreciate the fact that those pantyhose are worn by a womanall day long, very tight – they love the smell of it and the haptical feeling on their own skin. Imagine a perfectly shaped ass in those glossy and shiny skintight pantyhose. Its moving slowly above you, breathetaking, as it begins to lower right on your face. You already smell the sence of the woman whos wearing it as it stops milimiters above your awaiting face! Than suddenlsy you can fell its structure on your nose, and the rest of your face. It is warm and soft and it completely covers your face as you close your eyes to enjoy those heavenly minutes…

The price is your breathe! She sits on your face and giggles, and you
lay there, right under her sexy ass, unable to breathe.
What an exchange…

Pictures are from Smother Facesitting

January 28, 2010 · Posted in Pantyhose Facesitting  

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